Wholesale and Retail Christmas Tree Supplier

Christmas Trees R Us

Christmas Trees R Us has now become recognised as the leading grower & suppliers of high quality and good value Christmas Trees. Originally supplying small and medium sized customers, the company was established in 1997 due to the inconsistency of supply and quality to its own retail business.

We pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive range of high quality christmas trees at competitive prices. Our trees are grown in plantations that are accredited with the ISO 9002 certificate of assured quality. It is for this reason that we can absolutely guarantee the quality of all our trees.

Affordable non needle drop REAL Christmas Trees now dominate the Christmas Tree market in Europe and are the first choice for the vast majority of families at Christmas.

Over 8 million REAL trees are bought every year in the UK. A significant percentage of these are grown in Europe and bear up to £6+ per tree transport cost. Approximately 15 million are grown in Denmark alone, 95% of which are exported.

All UK buyers of Christmas Trees are very keen to minimise the escalating cost of transporting trees out of Europe, so the more trees that are grown in the UK the better!

  • One acre will grow up to 4000 non needle drop trees.
  • Quality seedling trees means low costs and high returns.
  • Harvest within 5 years onwards.
  • Return on investment (based on Nordmann Fir - Wholesale at £3.50 per foot (£21 for a 6ft tree) - Retailing at £6.50 per foot (£9 for a 6ft tree.)

Yorkshire Christmas Trees seedlings are specially cultivated and cloned for Christmas tree farms. This ensures, minimum labour, which generates maximum profit.

The Seedlings

The seed from which the seedlings are grown has been specially developed to produce a dense, lush Premium Quality Tree. The roots have been undercut to ensure a strong fibrous root. The Nordmann fir has been specially designed by cross breeding similar trees with complimenting characteristics to create the perfect tree, to replace the traditional tree.


The most popular tree in the market is Nordmann Fir (Caucasian Fir) which demands around 85 % of the Christmas Tree market.


Plants supplied for christmas tree production are grown from seed that has been specially selected for the purpose from trees which exhibit the characteristics that are required in christmas trees.

The planting season runs from early autumn to spring (I.e. the dormant period). Plants are normally supplied in special plant bags designed to protect the trees until they are planted. They can be stored in these bags providing they are kept in the shade. Planting should take place as soon as possible after receiving the plants. If it is not possible to plant them within 5days of receipt then the plants should be removed from the bags and heeled-in bunches to prolong lifespan.